Every 15 Minutes 


Writer, Producer

Every 15 Minutes is a program championed by the California Office of Traffic Safety and California Highway Patrol. Designed to show high school students the dangers and life-long consequences of drinking and driving, Every 15 Minutes is a compelling and effective program that helps young drivers make better choices when it comes to impaired driving, or getting into a vehicle with an impaired driver. On April 20, 2017, the entire community of Calistoga, California, came together to create an Every 15 Minutes event that included a mock, fatal, drunk driving crash. The short film seen here, was shot the day of the crash, and edited overnight. It was then shown to all the city's high school students at an assembly the next day. The MySafe:California film crew wishes to thank all the Calistoga organizers and volunteers of Every 15 Minutes, and the California Office of Traffic Safety as well as the California Highway Patrol for their generous help in making this film possible.