Vegan Christmas?

A delicious and colorful feast of vegan food sitting on a beautiful wooden table.

It seems like everyone nowadays is either vegan or vegetarian. Whether or not you are odds are someone in your family will be this holiday season, and it would be nice to have some options for them to enjoy. Here are 3 cheap and simple items you can serve that are sure to make everyone feel at home this holiday.

A cartoon turkey chasing after a cartoon pilgrim.

#1. Vegan Mashed Potatoes. (Easy peasy)

A dancing potato in a top hat with a cane.

A simple option that won’t take any effort at all is vegan mashed potatoes. This will only require a small change in your receipt, and it won’t change the flavor at all! Instead of using milk or cream you can use almond milk. There are sweetened and unsweetened options depending on your preferences. The next ingredient you will need to change is the butter. There are plenty of options for vegan butter you can buy, I recommend using Earth Balance.

#2 Vegan Turkey. (Wait what?)

An animated head banging turkey.

I know it might sound weird, but I assure you there is such thing as vegan turkey, and it’s pretty dang good if you buy the right kind. When it comes down to it it’s much like real meat don’t cheap out. From lunch meat to whole “turkeys” there is a large variety of vegan turkey to buy. The brand ToFurky makes a stuffed turkey for about $20, and the whole “Turkeys” run for about $45.

#3 Stuffing. (You either love it or hate it)

Scott Aukerman dancing and singing in front of an image of stuffing.

Most stuffing is almost vegetarian except for the chicken or turkey broth. If you change the broth to vegetable broth then you have a delicious option, but if someone is in your family is vegan you will have to do a little more. Most recipes call for both eggs and milk. Much like with the mashed potatoes you can replace the milk with almond milk, but the eggs will be a little tricker. There are a few different options starting at around $3. The most popular option is “Follow Your Heart Vegan Eggs”, it’s one of the most believable options.

The holidays are an amazing part of the year, where you get to spend time with your family and friends, but it can also be stressful. The last thing you want is for someone you care about to be unhappy with the options for dinner. So this year take little extra time and make sure everyone has an option they can happy with!