Ultimate Poolside Kick Back

Hands holding glasses full of colorful drinks and clinking them together.

This summer has been a hot one, but don’t let that stop you from having a “cool” time! One of the best ways for you and your friends to enjoy the summer is by having a poolside kick back. Here are 3 things you need to make your kick back the ultimate kick back.

A woman shaking her shoulders on a pool chair next to a pool.
A peach with alternating costumes.

#1 Peach Bellini (and a lot of it!)

Peach Bellini is a big hit this summer, and it’s not hard to figure out why. This smooth refreshing beverage is sure to be a hit! Right now Trader Joe's has a fantastic bottle of Peach Bellini for about $5. With prices like that, you should grab 4-5 bottles depending on the size of your party.  I recommend chilling the bottles in the freezer for about 35 minutes before serving it, that way it will be nice and frosty.

An oscillating speaker.

#2 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker (Safety first)

What’s a kick back without music? If you plan on spending the day in the pool you should invest in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, this way you can have the music as close to the party as possible without having to worry about breaking it. You can find them for pretty inexpensive, but the more you spend the better the music will sound. If you are willing to drop a few bucks there are waterproof speakers with will play the music underwater! Imagine diving into the pool and being able to hear your favorite song while submerged in the cool water!

Two women jumping on and surfing pool toys.

#3 Inflatable pool toys (Toys aren't just for kids anymore)

You probably remember playing with inflatable pool toys as a kid, well it’s time to pull out the bicycle pump and relive the glory days! From flamingos to donuts, to even “mechanical” bull rides there are so many fun options to help vitalize your summer. With prices starting at $15 these are a must have! One of my personal favorites is an inflatable beer pong table. There is nothing like some friendly competition to get your kickback popping. Some of the inflatables even come with coolers built into them so you won’t have to leave the pool anytime soon!

I guarantee if you have these 3 things your kick back will be one to remember. Make this weekend special and invite your friends over for some fun in the sun, but don’t forget to stay hydrated, use plenty of sunscreen, and to show off your new SeylAnwhere swim suit!